VR In Production

Inani Sphere is a soon to be realized survival thriller virtual reality game made with Unity.

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A long project will need some goals.

Fright vs Fun

As experienced fright fans not much can get to us, but the wrong kind of scary is never fun and we would be quite upset if some gamers couldn’t finish.

Minimal Motion Sickness

In a small poll of five friends who have tried VR and are never going back, motion sickness was the main reason.

Proper Demo

We are old school, we like clean design, games worth playing and a meaty demo.

Optional Gore

If you are not a fan of knee deep R rated viscera then a more chill playthrough should be available.

Complete Story

The world does not need another indie tech demo and we don’t want to deliver one.


Finishing anything with effort should be applauded but gauging yourself against others is what really matters.